Whether you’re an Ohio employer looking to provide vision insurance as an added benefit to your employees, or an individual that wants a little peace-of-mind knowing your costs for routine, preventive eye care such as eye exams and eyeglasses are covered, vision insurance could be your solution.

vision insurance

Vision insurance is fairly straightforward. It provides coverage for specific eye care, and eyewear benefits. It’s important to note that vision insurance is a wellness benefit, it’s designed to reduce your costs for routine, preventative eye care.

In contrast, health insurance is designed to respond when unexpected eye injury, or disease occurs.

Each policy will define what is, and what’s not covered. While no two policies are the same, common benefits provided by vision insurance include:

  • Routine, annual eye exams
  • Eyeglass frames
  • Eyeglass lenses
  • Contact lenses
  • Discounts on refractive surgery such as LASIK

Vision insurance is often considered an added benefit instead of a necessity. In fact, some studies estimate that nearly 35% of Americans see no need for vision insurance.

Interestingly, according to Archives for Ophthalmology, those with vision insurance were more likely to have eye care visits. In addition, they were more likely to recognize friends across the street and read printed materials without problems.

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