Before you rent a storage unit, you may wonder what does self storage insurance in Ohio cover for you? Protecting your personal assets while renting can give you the peace at mind you are looking for while storing your belongings outside of your home.

self storage insurance

The Purpose of Self Storage Insurance

Self storage units serve a purpose for many different reasons, the main one being that you just need some extra space to store your belongings. Once you move the items from your home into a unit, your belongings are no longer covered under your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy. Once you have determined you need a rental until, you should purchase insurance either from the storage facility, an independent insurer, or a private insurance company.

Self storage insurance protects the assets you are putting away in the event that they become stolen or damaged in case of a fire, flood, and other natural occurrences. While you can usually purchase insurance directly from the storage facility, working with an independent insurance agency may give you the best rates and provide the most coverage.

An independent insurance agent can usually provide you with the best higher coverage and dollar amount for valuables while protecting against damages other insurances may not.

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