Ohio landscape insurance is necessary for businesses for protection against risks in the event of property damage, accidents, and more. Liability insurance for landscapers will give you and your workers the security you need.

landscape insurance

Why Purchase Landscape Insurance?

Landscape insurance is one way for you to get the liability and protection you need for your business. Determining what type of coverage you need will be dependent on what type of landscaping your business does.

When looking at basic landscape insurance, the following may be covered:

Commercial Auto: Does your business use vehicles to transport work supplies? If so, you will need to obtain a commercial auto policy. This will most likely just provide coverage for work vehicles such as pick-ups, dump trucks, and trailers.

Liability: A general liability policy could be a prerequisite to certain clients before beginning any working with them. Besides general liabilities for which your business is responsible, this policy will also provide coverage in instances of property damage and bodily injury.

Other policies to consider would be business owner’s insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

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